The Outworlder

No magic can fix you

Everyone thought him a fool. A village idiot, who could hardly form a coherent sentence.


Aldeaith thought he left that all behind when he left his world to join the biggest military force in Meon cluster. The life was easier there: just doing what he was told. No nuances. No drama. Not much talking. And enough money to buy all the books and food he could dream of. Life was good.


Until they screwed it all up.


The very same people who turned his youth into a living hell returned to tear the empire he served to pieces. The revenge was never on Aldaeith’s mind, but he’s not going to refuse it. But with enemies on both sides, and friends not being quite who they seem, he soon discovers his position is far more precarious than he’d thought and the upcoming war can consume everything—and everyone—he cares about. Saving his nation might be the right thing to do, but will he be able to save himself?

Octopus Song: A Novella

If someone asked, Tayrel Kan would gladly admit that he was the biggest laheer that ever laheer-ed. But no one asked: they were just throwing it at him as if it was something shameful.


Tayrel Kan has a mission. As the most powerful human sorcerer that ever lived, he is sent to find the elusive, underwater race and secure their help in colonizing one of the newly discovered worlds.

But when he finds himself sailing the ship manned by the most beautiful men in existence, can anyone blame him for getting distracted?

Unfortunately, the sailors do not appreciate his attention, and soon he realizes that the giant tentacled monsters slumbering at the bottom of the sea, may be least of his worries.

People are strange.

It’s true here, on a lonely world with a mere seven billion inhabitants. So how true it must be in a universe where travel between worlds is easier than between lands and humans are only one of several sentient species.

People are strange indeed. But no matter who they are: humans or not, men, women or others, sorcerers, soldiers or simpletons, they all face the same major challenge.

Living with each other.

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The Outworlder

Out Spring 2021

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