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The Outworlder

When two worlds clash, one man must choose a side.

When Aldeaith joined the army, he left everything behind. His world, his family, everyone who thought him a fool. The new routine gave him a sense of security, and fighting proved easier than talking to people. But the peace couldn’t last forever.

In the Empire spanning thousands of worlds, there are bound to be dissidents. Dealing with them is a part of Aldeaith’s job and the most advanced magic known to men makes it easy.

But no magic can help him when the rebels are people he grew up with. Now, he has to pick a side and prove his loyalty among mounting distrust.

To come on top, he must learn to navigate something trickier than any battlefield: other people.

The fate of the Empire depends on it.

Octopus Song: A Novella

If someone asked, Tayrel Kan would gladly admit that he was the biggest laheer that ever laheer-ed. But no one asked: they were just throwing it at him as if it was something shameful.


Tayrel Kan has a mission. As the most powerful human sorcerer that ever lived, he is sent to find the elusive, underwater race and secure their help in colonizing one of the newly discovered worlds.

But when he finds himself sailing the ship manned by the most beautiful men in existence, can anyone blame him for getting distracted?

Unfortunately, the sailors do not appreciate his attention, and soon he realizes that the giant tentacled monsters slumbering at the bottom of the sea, may be least of his worries.

Imagine a place where travel between worlds is easier than between lands. Where humans are only of several sentient species. And where magic is just another skill taught in schools along with math and grammar.

What kind of people would live there?


This short story collection explores some of the possibilities. Dive in to find the legendary treasure of King Rthuhuac. Sample the specialties served in kas’sham restaurant. Witness the best sorcerer in a world at work. Accompany one woman in her quest to preserve a species on the brink of extinction.


And remember, humans or not, men women, or others, sorcerers, soldiers or savages, we all face the same major challenge.

Living with each other.


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