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The world Tayan is named after magioactive element, which in its pure form exists as a brittle, white metal, but its salts permeate all living beings in Tayan, draining them of color.

Tayan has a surface around five times that of an Earth. Unlike most worlds, it has an irregular shape, with five distinct protrusions that give it a roughly star-like shape. Its sky is white, with one sun and one moon, each opened for around half a cycle (or one Earthy year). The time of the sun is warm, although the temperatures don't exceed 30ºC, while the time of the moon is cold, with temperatures around 0ºC. Rains of water, moonwater, dust, or mud are frequent.

Thanks to the peculiar magic of this world, things that live here are bereft of color. Plants are vaguely similar to Earthly cacti and succulents, but white. There are two distinctive classes of animals, one active during the day and hibernating during the night, the other—inversely. But they all have white skins, white hair, and milky—but seeing—eyes. Day-forms are usually massive, six-legged, giants. Night-forms are weirder, four or eight-legged, and more wiry and spiky, with many magical adaptations that let them utilize the energy of the moon instead of the sun's warmth. Even people who came here from other worlds, in time became pale and ethereal themselves, with white skins or furs and white eyes.

Tayan was inhabited by humans around ten thousand cycles ago, but not Karirians—rather those who were running away from Karir. But in time it withstood many other waves of migration, by all kinds of beings and even now didn't manage to unite into a single organism.

Today, the biggest country is the Republic of Yth, spreading from the Endless Cliff, over the Plain of Yth, all the way to the Sparkling Sea, which is notable since its surface, even at night, glistens with a sourceless light. The Republic of Yth has its capital in the city of P’tyavru, though the government resides in another city, Paratheion. Both were built innumerable eons ago by the light elves. Today Yth is mostly inhabited by humans, vhariars, and other sentient species. Beyond the Sparkling Sea and the Flickering Sea lie so-called Nine Kingdoms: Varunye, Kuranye, Aramanye, Muranye, Aspunye, Veyanye, Ipanye, Kalinye, and Henye. They're also inhabited by humans, but different than Ythians. They're more primitive than Ythians and constantly warring with each other. Another important country in the world is Mauraan, lying within one of the arms. It’s a land of mountains and ravines, inhabited by humans, ssothians, and meherrings. For millennia, it was the main source of metals in the world but is now almost completely depleted. There are also Apithrai, a group of state cities lying on the archipelago separating the Sea of Ainock'h from the Ocean, across the world from Yth. Apithrai people are reluctant to deal or trade with other countries of Tayan, which made them considered recluses or savages, but they eagerly trade with the Outworlders, whom they contact through innumerable merges across their archipelago. Apithrai people have more colors than other Tayani, though they are still pale. They're mostly humans and kas'shams.

Tayan is the source of ara, the spice that makes everything taste the best in the world. It doesn't actually have any taste or flavor on its own, just a mild psychoactive effect.

People of Tayan, regardless of their species, are called Tayani. Tayani humans have white skin, white hair and milky eyes, Tayani vhariars have almost white skin, Tayani kas'shams and ssothians have white fur etc.

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