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Writing Advice Is Bullshit

The Internet is ripe with writing advice. It seems like everyone and their mother know what and how you should and shouldn't write. Frankly, you could spend the rest of your life reading (instead of, you know, actually writing). But after a while, you start noticing certain patterns.

Namely, that people contradict each other. A lot.

Some say you should never use "say" as a dialogue tag.

Some say you should only use "say".

You should show, not tell and describe surrounding using all five sentences (although how and would you describe a taste of the decrepit warehouse is beyond me), but don't use descriptions, they bog down the story!

We need more representation, but don't you dare write about cultures other than your own - it's cultural appropriation.

So, fuck it. Just write what you want. Sooner or later you'll find people who like it. And you're guaranteed to find people who hate it, but that's pretty much given no matter what or how you write, so suck it up.


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