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Aldeaith the Explorer

I won’t lie, I came from nowhere. But in the last two cycles, while serving in Mespana, I’ve seen things.

I’ve been to Casirod with its flaming sky and temples of white travertine, and Hahn Zahta, with a second ocean locked in its sky-dome. I saw Luxzsille with its mountains of crystalline cuboid and Varocca with trees stretching between the ground and the sky-dome. I’ve even seen the flying cities of Tydus and its colossal ancient ruins.

And Sfal, even though less opulent than Casirod, was full of wonders. There was Garden of Five worlds, where a Csivelinian aristocrat gathered the most interesting plants, animals, and zoophytes from five different worlds. Totemic tower of ashtakurti, made of porcelain, taller than any structure I’ve seen and completely covered with carved shapes of waves and marine animals. Charrite Pavilion of Paper Blossoms, where people went to lock their worries in the folded paper flowers and leave them behind. The Wall of Teeth, made of fossilized canines of some long-extinct beast, each twice bigger than me and covered in carvings made by all the artist and half of the vandals from the whole Meon cluster.

Shit, even my homeworld, Nes Peridion was beautiful, with the marbled, purple-blue sky and lolling hills, vast forests of amber-colored trees; swift rivers dancing and frothing over moss-covered rocks and majestic, limestone mountains with blinding white cliffs and full of stalagmite-filled caves.

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