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Kooine is a second junction world in the Meon Cluster discovered by Dahlsi. Initially, though, it wasn’t recognized as such.

It was discovered and explored by Garm In-Agab, a scientist connected to Dahlsian company Kanven Sandeyron. Thinking it would have no value to other settlers Garm In decided to move here with his team and the people adopted into Kanven Sandeyron and used as guinea pigs for biomagical experiments (which at that time had been banned in mainland Dahls). Garm In continued his experiments for two cycles, until the discovery of another junction world, Tydus, prompted The Cosmographic Society to look for others and determine Kooine to be one. Garm In’s lab has been discovered and he and his team exiled from Dahls. The lab was turned into another city, Marka-Na-Kooine, and the exploration of other worlds was initiated.


Kooine is a harsh world. It’s half the size of Sfal, but cold and dry, with a rocky surface and no permanent bodies of water. The sky-dome is blood red, with a single pale sun-gate opened for seven hours, followed by fourteen hours of darkness. Drizzles are frequent, but the water seeps into the ground, leaving no trace. The only life forms are tough plants that look like balls of black wire, bundled into the crevices where rainwater collects.


One curious feature and main source of income for the world is a giant crater filled with natural glass, with numerous veins of glass radiating for hundreds of kilometers. It's unknown how it was made.

Near the crater, another city was built, called Nas Ilas. It’s the base of operation for Saen Akofe, a company started by Llodran vhariars and ssothians from Mauraan and focused on producing tools and technomagical devices. Ssothians focus on finding and obtaining raw materials, while vhariars handle more technological aspects. Apart from Dahlsi, Saen Akofe is the main producer of tools in the Meon Cluster.


Measurement of the skydome revealed the world to be almost ten million cycles old, which makes it one of the oldest known worlds to still exist. It is unknown if the world is nearing its end, and if so, when and how it will happen.

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