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Daesi is the fourth and last junction world of Meon Cluster. It was the last one to be discovered as it merges with Kooine and Tydus, but not Sfal.


Daesi was predicted by calculations many cycles before it was actually discovered. Nevertheless, the first few people sent to explore it perished. Only when a Tarvissian sorcerer decided to try, he was able to survive and return with the knowledge that the entire world is filled with water, with no surface and no bottom. If it were a normal world, Dahlsi would consider it uninhabitable and end it there, but as a junction world, it promised a way to an untold number of other worlds. Therefore, Dahlsi sent the emissary to contact a half-legendary species, the hrefn, to help them colonize it.

You can read about the expedition in my novella Octopus Song.


With the help of hrefn, Dahlsi were able to establish two cities, Marka-Na-Daesi and Danart. They are connected by a web of tunnels that also stretches out to a handful of actually settled worlds. Many more were explored, but the difficulty reaching them deterred most of the potential inhabitants. Meanwhile, hrefn built their own city and started hunting local fauna for blubber, pigments, and drugs. Most life forms in Daesi are invertebrates, some looking like giant worms or cephalopods, others resembling exposed viscera. Luckily, the eternal darkness shields them from view most of the time.

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