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Did you ever wonder how would a fantasy world look like if it was allowed to progress naturally? What would change a hundred years after the last sword-wielding hero defeated the last Dark Lord? What about five hundred years?

What about a thousand?

Would people still live in the same wooden huts or move to rented apartments in the sprawling mega-cities? Would magic remain an arcane knowledge, or become widely used to improve living conditions, provide water and remove waste?

Imagine a magical mirror that once required an entire room to set up, but can now be worn on someone’s belt. Or spells that Dark Lords used to terrorize the masses, sealed into wands and given to non-magical people to defend themselves.

Imagine merges between worlds, that were once wild and unpredictable phenomena, calculated and guarded; travel between worlds tightly controlled and people’s identities documented (and remember: a drop of blood is much better proof of identity than any written paper).

Welcome to the fantasy of the future.


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